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I have worn glasses or contacts as long as I can remember, at least 2nd grade and I am now 71 years old so that has been quite a long time! In the last few years, I have been unhappy with my contacts, then went to all glasses, still having problems. My Optometrist gave me Dr. Mehan’s name after confirming that my cataracts were at the stage where surgery would be required. I chose the Panoptic lenses, more expensive, but I did not want to mess with glasses off and on all the time. I am still working at a job where I need distance, computer vision, and close up. The Panoptic choice has been great. I am very satisfied and happy with my new vision, I would choose these lenses again. Both of Dr. Mehan’s office personnel are terrific. Everything was explained to me at every step, the physicians, staff including the receptionists are very understanding, professional, and kind. I would recommend anyone to trust their eye care to this office.

“A milestone in my life occurred this evening. A few weeks before Christmas, I had cataract surgery. Yep, just the subject matter made me feel as though I had joined the era of the dinosaurs. But life happens and I scheduled the surgery and smiled at the total realization that I was “aging.” But, to get to the point of my post: I can’t say enough about the wonderful outcome. What I didn’t realize was that when having cataracts removed there are a few different implant choices. Since I’ve worn monovision contacts for several decades (one eye for distance; one eye for reading), I was leaning toward multifocal lenses (works similar to monovision contacts) rather than the typical distance lens. However, I was made aware of a new trifocal lens that seemed promising. I did a ton of research and read several reviews from those who made the trifocal lens their choice. I made the decision to take that leap of faith (I don’t mind saying, it was a little terrifying since they are relatively new). OH MY GOODNESS! I’m so pleased that I made that choice. It was the perfect choice for me; maybe not for everyone, but for me it was. They have far surpassed my expectations. Now, HERE’S THE BEST PART: I threaded a needle tonight–the smallest needle eye I could find–without the help of a needle threader AND in a dimly lit area. Okay, you all can stop laughing now, but I was thrilled. You would have thought I won the lottery. I hesitated to post this “milestone” because there are many of my FB friends who have not yet reached this chapter in their lives. It probably seems very “oldish” and not relative, but someday it may be part of their life experience. Anyway, YEE HAW! I’m a happy camper. New technology and medical advances never cease to amaze me. So grateful: no more contacts and no glasses!”
Patricia Morris

“Two months after losing my husband, I was referred to Dr. Mehan with a possible conjunctival melanoma in my right eye. Being totally overwhelmed by this news, I was quickly put at ease by the most incredibly compassionate doctor I have even known.
It was deemed necessary that I have the melanoma surgically removed. Dr. Mehan took the time, as if I were his only patient, to explain the entire procedure to me. Living over 60 miles away, he called me frequently to check on my condition following the surgery. This brought a great deal of comfort to me knowing that he was just a phone call away if I needed help. The biopsy revealed that I had a very aggressive malignant conjunctival melanoma and would need further treatment. I had cryotherapy with surgery followed by several weeks of chemotherapy. I was amazed and enthused by the results of these procedures as I now have excellent vision in my eye. This could not have been possible without the special gift of knowledge and caring that Dr. Mehan extended me. Due to his unique ability to care for and treat me in this warm personal manner of his, I was able to put complete faith in him and feel very safe and secure in his care.

I would not even consider going to another doctor, regardless of the many miles I traveled to seek his excellent care. I would also encourage anyone who has a similar problem, to seek the services of this wonderful doctor. Dr. Mehan and his staff are very professional and exceptional in the fact they make you feel so special.”
B. Peters-Kindell, Patient, 78 years old.

“22 years ago I had a cataract and lens removed with the intent of receiving an implant but it was not possible because of Keratoconus. My only option for good sight was a hard contact lens which worked for many years but it was becoming impossible to wear the lens and without it everything was a blur. For years I thought an implant was impossible.
During the first appointment with Dr. Mehan, he made me feel comfortable with his charm and compassion taking away any apprehension I felt. He explained everything in detail, listened, and answered my questions. I now have an implant and I can see great without having to wear an outer lens! I thank God for Dr. Mehan’s talents. I went from total blurry vision to reading a clock across the room without the help of the other lens. Dr. Mehan and his staff made me feel like extended family and his concern for my welfare is awesome.”
Nancy Lamm, Patient, 69 years old.

“All of you at Mehan Eye helped us out so much. My father in law is 78 years old and he could not see or hear. He had cataract surgery in both eyes and everything went so smooth. There is nothing I can say that went wrong throughout the whole process. Each step was great including the office visits, the surgery, and everything. Mehan Eye has the feeling about it like they have known you for years. We are very happy.”
Rebecca Bickett, Daughter-in-law to W. Bickett, 78 years old.

“Dr. Mehan treats every patient as he would his own family. He strives for excellence and goes the extra mile for his patients. Dr. Mehan is very personable, and it is great to be able to chat with a doctor without feeling rushed off.”
Dr. Clem Kirkland of Kirkland Family Practice in Kettering

I had a great experience so far with Mehan Eye. Dr Mehan has been perfect and has exceeded my expectations.  Very thorough and takes the time to make sure everything was great. Have had 2 follow-ups after my lasik and im so happy to have great vision now.  Would definitely recommend
Leah Williams

Dr. Mehan did an amazing job!! I have PRK surgery 3 months ago & I am so happy to say I now have 20/20 vision for the first time!! He and his staff definitely make you feel comfortable no matter what procedure is needed. I highly recommend!!
Dani Woodley

If I could give Mehan Eye more than 5 stars I would. From the time I booked my LASIK consultation to the time I had the procedure (and follow up appointments), he and his staff remained friendly, knowledgeable and professional. During the procedure (which is painless by the way) his staff calmed my nerves and even offered to hold my hand. Immediately after the procedure I COULD SEE! Going from coke bottle glasses to 20/20 has been nothing less than life changing. I have no regrets. If you are reading this review, take this as a sign to MAKE THE APPOINTMENT. You won’t be disappointed. Okay, I lied–I do have one regret: not doing it sooner!
Mazia Wilder

I came to see Doctor Mehan for a Lasik procedure. He was incredibly thorough with his pre-surgery testing to make sure I was a good fit for Lasik. When it came time for the procedure Doctor Mehan and his staff did a fantastic job and I was seeing fantastic within a day of leaving the office.
Richard Stjohn

What a fabulous experience this was. Starting with a friendly greeting from staff for my first evaluation. The kind, calm bedside manner of Dr. Mehan. I met sweet Mrs. Momma Mehan. Evaluation was thorough and organized.
Operation day was so smooth. The personal care given made me feel as if I was the only patient the entire staff had for the day!
It was completely PAINLESS.
Morning after LASIK I had beyond perfect vision in left eye and 20/30 vision in right eye, which I believe was probably 20/20 by the following day.
One week post op check up was perfect vision!
Dr. Mehan made personal calls to touch base along the journey.
If you’re thinking about LASIK.. DO IT! And I highly recommend
Dr. Mehan!
Jenn Elkins

I cannot express my gratitude enough. I’d worn contacts and glasses since 8th grade (20 years!) Dr Mehan and his team were so professional and compassionate through the entire procedure and beyond. I will absolutely recommend anybody to him. If you’re on the fence about LASIK, just go for it! His prices can’t be beat and his knowledge and experience really shows.
Jessica S.